Welcome To Saimaa Still

tested experience

The founders and personnel of the company have broad experience in fire arms  design and pro-duction, also confirmed by the field experience at shooting range and  in real-life battle field condi-tions. The continuous  end-users’ feedback allows us to understand better the needs of operators and the directions of product improvement and development. Certain features of our products have been suggested and engineered with the assistance of SWAT teams personnel.

from finland

Saimaa Still Oy is a Finnish producer of sports fire arms, weapon parts and accessories. The products of of SSOY are designed to suit the requirements of different customer segments: sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement officers, military.

no compromises

The robust construction and care-free operation in extreme conditions are the main virtues of our products. Thus use of the best quality stainless steel or titanium  and heavy-duty nano-finishing of the surface are the integral features of our products.

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