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Saimaa Still Suppressor RK/SG Series

Type    Caliber (inch/mm) Weight (gr) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Length at muzzle end (mm) Thread Suppression (db)
SStill RK762-A 7.62 490 40 194 109 16x0,75rh 28
SStill SG556-A / SG762-A 5.56 and 7.62 490 40 194 109 M16x1.5 in original flash hider 27 / 25
  • Material:Stainless steel, Titanium
  • Finishing:Cerakote
  • Quaranteed life span:10 000 shots
  • Cleaning:Can be disassembled.

Can be disassembled, cleaning after use.

RK762-A will not fit to Sako M92 civilized muzzle brake. Will fit only first version on Sako M92 with RK95 muzzle brake.

SG556-A will fit Sig SG550 and 551 original flash hiders with M16x1,5 thread inside the flash hider.


  • Connects and locks to original Sako RK95 and SG 550 muzzlebrake / flash hider
  • Stream Through technology. No back pressure and gases to operators direction
  • No increase in bolt velocity. High bolt velocity can cause malfunctions and gun break
  • Decreased recoil and muzzle rise because of lower bolt velocity
  • Flash suppression. Gases will flow through filter which decreases the visible flash
  • No increase in rate of full automatic fire
  • No increase of receiver’s carbon depositing
  • No need for adjustable gas system