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Saimaa Still Suppressor Pistol Series

Type    Caliber (inch/mm) Weight (gr) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Length at muzzle end (mm) Thread Suppression (db)
SStill P900G 9 mm 200 35 200 188 M13,5x1LH , 1/2"x28UNEF 22
  • Material:Duralumin & Titanium
  • Finishing:Anodized
  • Cleaning:Can be disassembled. Cleaning after use

SStill P900G is designed for Glock pistols. Other models coming soon.

Can be disassembled, cleaning after use.
Comfortable and reliable firing in semiautomatic mode.

Lightweight design. Only 200 grams!

Significant flame reduction on short barrels.


  • Low weight - only 200 grams!
  • Stable reloading with supersonic and subsonic cartridges
  • Good sound suppression