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Saimaa Still Suppressor QD Series

Name    Caliber (inch/mm) Weight (gr) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) In front of muzzle end (mm) Thread Effect (db)
SStill QD 762-A 7.62 mm 571 (410) 45 212 203 By order -27
SStill QD 556-A 5.56 mm 518 (375) 45 187 178 By order -29
  • Material:Heat-resistant Stainless steel, Duralumin and Titanium
  • Finishing:Cerakote / glass bead blasted
  • Maintenance:Can be fully disassembled

Saimaa Still QD suppressors are high quality and high performance quick detach rifle suppressors which are designed for gas operated semiautomatic and automatic rifles. They work perfectly also with bolt action rifles which makes SStill suppressors very versatile all-around suppressors. With different Quick Detach muzzle device options SStill QD suppressors provide unmatched solution for sport shooters and hunters with multiple guns.

Saimaa Still rifle suppressors have special construction which allows gases to flow through the suppressor instead of increasing barrel and chamber pressure and blowing toxic gases backwards into the operators face.

There are several types of muzzle devices available for SStill QD suppressors. Quick detach is designed so that attaching the suppressor is easy and fast. Suppressors is simply pushed on the muzzle device and suppressor will lock automatically. To remove suppressors you push the release button and pull the suppressor off.


  • No back pressure and gases to operators direction
  • Superior Flash suppression. Burning gases will flow through a filter which decreases the visible flash
  • Quick Detach. No Thread.
  • Different types of muzzle devices available
  • No increase in bolt velocity. High bolt velocity can cause malfunctions and gun break
  • Decreased recoil and muzzle rise because of lower bolt velocity
  • No increase in rate of full automatic fire
  • No increase of receiver’s carbon depositing
  • No need for adjustable gas systems or other modifications to gun
  • Small size and lighweight
  • Reduced thermal image
  • Heat resistant suppressor cover available to decrease heat signature and mirage
  • Patented innovative design

Fast and easy Quick Detach